Panagiotis Theodossiou

Panagiotis Theodossiou was born in Athens in 1964. At an early age he studied piano with Efi Agrafioti and went on to study Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition with Michalis Travlos, Michel Merlet and Theodoros Antoniou; Jazz piano and Improvisation with John Terezakis. He has also studied Theology at the Kapodistriakon University of Athens.

He holds a master degree in Composition ("Composition for Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles") Master of Music Composition-MMus by the Department of Music Studies of Ionian University, Corfu, Greece.

He is Artistc Director of Kaloy Foundation Conservatory (

He is also a certificate music teacher in ABRSM.

He has been teaching Piano, Musical Theory, Harmony and Counterpoint at musical schools in Athens for many years. Other activities include his contribution as a co-founder and article-writer in the Greek musical magazine "Ta Moussika" and in the web magazine "TAR" ( ) while he is also a producer on the Greek radio. 

He has been in charge of the Music Department and coordinator of vocal and instumental ensembles of "Geitonas" Educational Institutes (1995 – 2016).

He also found many successful children and youth vocal and instrumental ensembles at schools and musical schools in Greece.

Panagiotis Theodossiou is a member of the Greek Composers Union and Vice-President of the Cultural and Musical Association "Euterpa".

His composing activities includes many works for piano, chamber, choral and orchestral music and music for the big screen as well. His love for and interest in orchestration and jazz arrangement led him to write many symphonic transcriptions on classical and contemporary piano works and found small ensembles in which he participates as a pianist.

Threre are100 and more titles of his works listed among the acquisitions of the "Lilian Voudouri Great Music Library" Greece. Ediitons by

His work "Between Times" for clarinet, viola and piano was selected by International Society for Contemporary Music to represent Greece in 2018 ISCM World New Music Days in Beijing Modern Music Festival, China.

His works have been performed all over the world (Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Hague, Warsaw, Poznan, Nicosia, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Constantinople) by distinguished artists, from Greece and abroad as Michel Arrignon, Stathis Kiosoglou, Effie Agrafioti, Reyma Rayas, Thierrry Barbe, Katrina Zenz, Konstantinos Papadakis, Andrea Hemmenway, Lorenda Ramou, Frosso Ktistaki, Iwona Glinka, Carla Rees, Kosmas Lapatas, Nikos Spanatis, Christina Antoniadou, Margarita syngeniotou, Christos Marinos, Giannis Papagiannis, Giannis Sabrovalakis, Dimitris Magriotis, Kostis Theos, Spyros Kontos, Anna Mouzaki, Tania Sikelianou, Faye Pana, Alexis Theofylactou, Ifigenia Spiliotopoulou, Alexandros Charalampous, Dimitri Mavros as well as instrumental and vocal ensembles as "ALEA III" under the direction of Theodore Antoniou, "Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble" under the direction of Iakovos Konitopoulos and Valery Oreskin, Orchestra of Colours under the direction of Miltos Logiadis, Psychko Youth Orchestra under the direction of Manolis Lorentzos, "Athens String Orchestra", "The Bridge Quartet", "Philodos I &II" vocal ensembles, "Duo Pianismo", "Effie Agrafioti - Giorgos Kontrafouris" piano duo, "Q innegal" wind quintet with the collaboration of conductor Pavlos Sergiou, O Ihos os Ehei" ("Larissa Wind Quintet"), "Meteora Ensemble", "Duo Tact", "Trio Casals", "It" ensemble, "Duo Ficell", the alternative ensemble "Baroque & Blue" ("Ixnos Quartet"), the Kaloys's Conservatory ensemble etc.,

He has recorded many of his works on CD, and participated on CD recordings in Greek and foreign labels and institutions (Sarton-label, DNA –label, ERT, Motivo, Phasma music, Deree College)

There is a public media interest all over the world about his activities. Interviews and features on newspapers and magazines , special programs on Radio etc. (Deutche Welle Radio, ERT, newsp. “Kathimerini” newsp. “Eleftherotypia”, “Difono” mag.,  “Jazz και Jazz” mag. etc.)